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Prince William Wedding

Nov 29, 2010 Author: SY | Filed under: Prince William, Royals

prince william weddingAhhhh.. with all the fuss.. and finally it’s confirmed. Prince William and Kate’s Engagement was announced on 16 Nov 2010 and the wedding date was confirmed last week. It will be on 29 Apr 2011!!  The couple, both 28, became engaged in October 2010 while holidaying in Kenya, after William presented Kate with Prince Diana’s engagement ring. Awww.. that’s very thoughtful of him.  His reasons being this “It’s very special to me, as Kate is very special to me now as well. It was only right the two were put together,” William said. “It was my way of making sure mother didn’t miss out on today and the excitement and the fact that we’re going to spend the rest of our lives together.

Wish both of them everlasting happiness!

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Prince william getting married?

Oct 23, 2010 Author: SY | Filed under: Prince William, Royals

rt_william_kate_101021_mnAhh..speculation about Prince William’s wedding is neverending. Gets more heated now as everyone predicts it would be next year. Whether it’s this year or next year, or 2012, we shall wait and see. The prince himself is still coy about the rumours. hmm.. why is it that I still couldn’t quite accept Kate Middleton as the next Queen??

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Prince William “damages” plane

Apr 22, 2009 Author: SY | Filed under: Prince William

It was reported that Prince william pranged an airplane while undergoing his RAF training last year. He grounded this 1 million pound plane because he flicked the wrong switch. Nothing serious and a few others had also made this mistake.That’s why it’s called “training”! :)

P.William FINALLY opens up..

Mar 23, 2009 Author: SY | Filed under: Prince William, Royals

It’s been 12 years..And it’s the first time Prince William finally reveals how he feels towards his late Mother – Princess Diana. He spoke of the emptiness he feels on every Mother’s Day – “Never being able to say the word ‘Mummy’ again in your life sounds like a small thing. However for many, including me, it is now really just a word – hollow and evoking only memories.

Poor boy!

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