I have been reading all these good comments about this Hammerbay Ikan Bakar, through word-of-mouth as well. So, Ivy and I decided to try it on one Sunday evening. We want to become the next penangtuapui. hahah. Commenting on food.

Here comes the dishes..

The kangkung with belacan. How did it taste like? Well, not bad.. Pretty much to my liking.

Next, is the tomyam ayam. This is good..spicy and sour enough

Then here comes the signature dish!!! I’m waiting for it..drooling..

But..to my disappointment, it’s not as nice as how it was being told. It’s moderately nice but I have eaten nicer than this before. So much nicer. Erm..gone the excitement. Haha..But, all in all, it’s still a nice place to eat. It was an evening with magnificent horizon.

And before I forget, I’m a rice lover..so, here is my white rice. haha. 😛

To those who wish to go there and try the ikan bakar, here I show you the stall’s signboard.

p/s: Remember to ask the price when you are choosing the fish. Word of advice..transferred from website to website and from word-of-mouth to word-of-mouth. hehe.

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