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My vacation

Oct 22, 2009 Author: SY | Filed under: My Stories

Okay, now..couldn’t figure out what to do..So, wordpress, here I come.

I went overseas for a short vacation recently together with Ivy. It was a wonderful experience for me as it felt great to be able to see my cousin and all my good friends again. Haven’t met some of them for ages. It was a budget trip although I use airplane all the time. Because it’s just impossible to use train. Why? Because that’s Australia! You’re going to use one week to travel from Perth to Melbourne if you opt for train.

ok, so basically, I went to 3 cities in Aussie, Perth, Melbourne and Adelaide. I’m not gonna blog each city chronologically because I will leave that to Ivy to do so..HEhe..I will just summarise the important ones and the ones I remember at this point of time. Honestly, I still remember everything vividly but nah, you wouldn’t want to know every single thing right?

So, let’s travel virtually with me to Aussie again! :)

My first stop was Perth..It was a fantastic city – locals there enjoyed a relaxed outdoors lifestyle. And they definitely love pets! Mind you, their pets go to school. Met my cousin Stephanie (Felt awesome to see her again!) and some of her great friends. Obviously I stayed at my cousin’s place. Haven’t met her for so long..Had a long night talk with her. ๐Ÿ˜› First time met Michelle and Melisa. Two sweet friends !ย  And then not forgetting Jessie – met her for dinner. Nice and friendly :) Too bad didn’t have much time to know more about Jessie..she was busy working. Let my Perth photos tell you how wonderful it was to be there…

Perth's Dome

Ivy and I at King's Park

Perth City

Tulips @ Araluen

Souvenir shop @ Araluen

King's Park

Dim sum in Perth

Dimsum in Perth - Love this!!

Next stop was Melbourne. The weather was crazily cold! It’s Spring!!! I took a flight from Perth to Melbourne. More than 3 hours flight. It was tiring because it’s not comfortable at all. Melbourne! A super busy metropolitan Melbourne. One word to describe Melbourne – fabulous. It was very beautiful and the little laneways that we went for breakfast were so special and amazingly it had a lot of shops. Pei San, my very good friend (haven’t seen her for very long time too, so damn happy to see her), brought us around the city and some nice places. She recommended us the delicious food and most importantly, let me stay at her cozy apartment – thanks Pei! xoxo.

Pictures pictures @ Melbourne

Pei San and I

Melbourne City at night!

Melbourne during the day time!

12 Apostles @ Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road

The little lanes

Eating cheese cake!

Okie..Melbourne..I got to leave ‘you’. Adelaide, here I come! Awwww…Adelaide..brought me to Angelynn and Dancy! Happy to see them. They are my good friends too. Thanks to them and Sean, we both had a place to sleep..LOL. It was nice meeting Sean, Vivien and Robin. Great friends. Adelaide a nice and peaceful city…Very beautiful and known as city of churches. You practically see a church after a few blocks. There was one church that looked very nice – it looked like the Disneyland’s iconic logo. ๐Ÿ˜› I think it’s called St Peter’s Cathedral.

More pictures to share.. :) This time is Adelaide!

Angelynn, me, Dancy, Ivy

kangaroo and I

Kangaroo, Ivy and I

Red wines!

Vietnamese noodle

Adelaide city hall

Adelaide city

Adelaide city 2

Last but not least, KOALAS!! They were so adorable. Gosh

Koalas. They are not bear!

A wonderful trip for me and special thanks to my cousin & her friends (Jessie, Michelle, Melisa) and all my friends (Pei San, Angelynn, Dancy) and to some of them (Sean, Vivien, Robin, Sui Cheng – Pei San’s friend, Anthea, Alex) whom I just met, I can sense that you all are great people although it was just a few days of encounter. :) You guys made our trip a superb and memorable one. Sorry if I miss out anyone..Hehe..And I miss Freda!! The super cute dog.

Stephen Gately dies :(

Oct 21, 2009 Author: SY | Filed under: Celebrities, Stephen Gately

boyzoneSeems that my blog reports mostly on dead artistes ๐Ÿ˜•

Another bad news for all musical fans. Stephen Gately of Boyzone has died while on holiday in Majorca, Spain. I grew up listening to Boyzone’s songs..It’s really a very shocking news for me and to be gone at the age of just 33 is really a huge loss to the entertainment industry.

Celebrities have been paying tribute to tragic Boyzone star. Boyzone manager Louis Walsh told the newspaper: “Weโ€™re all absolutely devastated.”

It is reported that Stephen dies of natural causes.In the picture, Stephen is the one in the middle.

RIP Stephen!
img src:

New love….. Cold Rock!

Sep 29, 2009 Author: SY | Filed under: My Stories

Not Hard Rock cafe..ok? ๐Ÿ˜›

Choose it, mix it, smash it, try it!

Yep, that’s the slogan for this COLD ROCK ice-cream. It’s really really super nice when I first tried it during my vacation recently.

I tried Rum & raisin..and gosh! The smell, the taste, the sweetness were perfectly blended that made it so so delicious.

In fact, the process of making it was pretty special. You can choose any mix-ins (Snickers, strawberry,oreos, macademias, mango, and a lot more), then they will mix it, smash it and tada! You try it. Here is the picture that reminds me again and again on the richness of the ice-cream. :)

For more info, you can see it yourself here:

Daniel Radcliffe – the famous Harry Potter – has experienced his first injury during the filming of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”. According to a recent interview, Daniel said, “So far, I never had anything too serious happen, except a few scratches. But I’m happy because during the last film, ‘Deathly Hallows’, I finally got a big black eye [laughs]. I was shooting a scene where Harry fights a giant snake.”

For all Harry Potter fans, no worries, he is fine ๐Ÿ˜›

Opps, but looks like we need to wait for another 2 years for the show to finally end. The next “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” will be divided into two films. “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I” will be released in U.S. theaters on November 19, 2010, while “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II” will come out on July 15, 2011.

Image source:

Paris Jackson gets her first hair cut!

Aug 27, 2009 Author: SY | Filed under: Michael Jackson

Locks of hair belonging toย Michael Jackson’s daughter were taken from a salon after she had her hair trimmed. Her minders just kept and gathered all her hair..apparently trying to prevent her hair from being stolen.ย  Wow, imagine the value ofย  her hair if someone else takes it to have a DNA test?

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