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SEO – The Way To Improve Your Website Ranking!

Mar 15, 2010 Author: SY | Filed under: My Stories

I have been pondering and pondering and pondering
How some people can be an ONLINE STAR???

They write personal life about….
how they eat, how they shit ~
what’s the best to get fat ?
what’s the best to fool your dad… =_=

Funny, interesting, cool and GELI ~
Throw in all kinda material for you to see.

All those weird-weird stories from blogger ,
Help them rank up like shooting star in Google!

And there’s always a secret… ahak !!~

There’s really a TEAM doing that….
They help promote your website,
This is when your blog is going to shoot up like rocket ~~!!!

WME @ webmarketingexperts
These experts keep everyone on alert ~

A short clip introducing how SEO works.

What do you think of this clip ?
Hope it did kill your boredom…

It would be great if this clip is spreading…
You can copy da entire article and <a href=””> ryejoe </a> credit you back your caricature on it !!

I’m waiting to get my caricature!
Stay tuned =D

That’s me!

Jan 5, 2010 Author: SY | Filed under: My Stories

I have no idea what to post recently. There are things I want to post, I want to scold, I want to say, I want to’s just not the right time yet. Some people are just damn irritating and sissy. So, what to post? Well, will post a picture of myself..It’s some sort of funny faces that I made while having Daorae with Ivy. She created this for me using Photoshop..So, thanks gal! :)


Pitiful? Or Deserving?

Dec 19, 2009 Author: SY | Filed under: My Stories

pitiful? Yes? No?Sometimes things happen for a reason…

I used to pity you for having to be in such situation..You didn’t ask for it or probably you did, but even if you did ask for it, I still pity you even though I have known it for so long.

But, having to know you better, it’s really a joke for me to find out all this. Do you know you are the joke of the century? You’re the clown at the center of attention where every one knows everything about you except you, yourself and your 井底之蛙 gang – the little froggies! Gosh! It must be saddening for you, since you are so f***ing busybody and yet, you don’t know anything!

I try so hard to find and dig every corner of my compassionate heart and I JUST couldn’t EVEN find a tiny little dot of compassion in me towards you. Jesus! I think you deserve it more than anyone else because of every single thing that you did and how you treated on others.

Ahem! Did I just get your attention? Heheh! Gotcha! Commercial break. Beep Beeppppp..

Time for advertisement. Hey, those reading this, don’t treat it too seriously la! I watched a tv drama recently. Gan jiong and angry towards the main characters. Haha! Dono the tv drama name..coz it’s in Chinese.

Img source:

Tiger Woods & wife‘I regret those transgressions,’ Tiger says. Golf star issues statement amid reports that he’s had several affairs. With a public apology and another appeal for privacy, Tiger Woods acknowledged Wednesday that he let his family down with unspecified “transgressions” that he regrets with “all of my heart.” However, Woods did not offer details of any alleged relationship.

Uh-oh! Looks like Tiger is in trouble. We will wait and see what’s next.

Now, let’s take a look at how luxurious his mansion is. >.< He bought $40 million Florida Estate .It’s a 10-acre oceanfront estate in exclusive Jupiter Island, Florida. How big is 10-acre? According to Mr. Google, it’s about 9 football fieldsNINE >.<”  The 10-acre paradise comes with four houses, two yacht docks, a tennis court, a volleyball court and putting green.

Let the pictures speak its words.

Tiger wood's mansion at Jupiter Island

Tiger Wood's house

Image source:

The 10-acre paradise comes with four houses, two yacht docks, a tennis court and putting green

The footsteps

Nov 23, 2009 Author: SY | Filed under: My Stories

footstepsEach n every one of us has our own footsteps..Sometimes we stepped on the wrong path and we wish  to retreat our steps.  Glad that I have seen a lot of things that help shape me.

Sometimes..we practically meet “stupid” people in our lives. yes. I mean literally “stupid”. You may be thinking who I am to categorize people as “stupid”. Ya, I’m not a smart ass. I’m an ordinary stupid human being as well. But,thank god, I’m considerably “smarter” a bit.

Or perhaps I can categorize them as naive? Or perhaps not that naive and simple after all as they know the meaning of avenge. Stupid as in people cheated on them…they also don’t know. OMFG. Naive as in…their world is basically encased in a small container. And sometimes, we are ‘squeezed and squeezed, ‘wrenched and wrenched’ til the very last drop of our sweat, yet, the evil beats the good. Are we heard? No. comes the judgement day.

Img source:

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