Kinohimitsu is organizing Hi-Tea with Tavia Yeung
Revealing her secret of being young myself ?
Oh yeSSsss #&$@#&$$(333!!!!

I was like I must go, I MUST GO !!!!
and I saw Tavia was like calling me…. come xin yi , come ~~~~


Let’s see what are the steps to make my dream come true!


Okay I got it !
But I just can’t figure out…
I can’t imagine… does she really look that young ? Or it’s only the poster >.<

A question that is asked by millions of women and even men.










When you are putting effort to ask around


There was like….











When you thought you’ve asked the right one

There was like…










When you’ve given up trying to figure it out

The Know-Nothing will be like…














You are left with 2 options towards your goal



























Why going through all the fuss when you can find the answer in COLLAGEN!
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Why am I so sure?

Well, I’m only 50% sure , am gonna work hard to meet Tavia Yeung for another 50% !!


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