I have been pondering and pondering and pondering
How some people can be an ONLINE STAR???

They write personal life about….
how they eat, how they shit ~
what’s the best to get fat ?
what’s the best to fool your dad… =_=

Funny, interesting, cool and GELI ~
Throw in all kinda material for you to see.

All those weird-weird stories from blogger ,
Help them rank up like shooting star in Google!

And there’s always a secret… ahak !!~

There’s really a TEAM doing that….
They help promote your website,
This is when your blog is going to shoot up like rocket ~~!!!

WME @ webmarketingexperts
These experts keep everyone on alert ~

A short clip introducing how SEO works.
WME @ www.webmarketingexperts.com.au

What do you think of this clip ?
Hope it did kill your boredom…

It would be great if this clip is spreading…
You can copy da entire article and <a href=”http://ryejoe.blogspot.com/2010/03/seo-method-to-improve-your-rank.html”> ryejoe </a> credit you back your caricature on it !!

I’m waiting to get my caricature!
Stay tuned =D

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