pitiful? Yes? No?Sometimes things happen for a reason…

I used to pity you for having to be in such situation..You didn’t ask for it or probably you did, but even if you did ask for it, I still pity you even though I have known it for so long.

But, having to know you better, it’s really a joke for me to find out all this. Do you know you are the joke of the century? You’re the clown at the center of attention where every one knows everything about you except you, yourself and your 井底之蛙 gang – the little froggies! Gosh! It must be saddening for you, since you are so f***ing busybody and yet, you don’t know anything!

I try so hard to find and dig every corner of my compassionate heart and I JUST couldn’t EVEN find a tiny little dot of compassion in me towards you. Jesus! I think you deserve it more than anyone else because of every single thing that you did and how you treated on others.

Ahem! Did I just get your attention? Heheh! Gotcha! Commercial break. Beep Beeppppp..

Time for advertisement. Hey, those reading this, don’t treat it too seriously la! I watched a tv drama recently. Gan jiong and angry towards the main characters. Haha! Dono the tv drama name..coz it’s in Chinese.

Img source: thechp.syr.edu

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