footstepsEach n every one of us has our own footsteps..Sometimes we stepped on the wrong path and we wish  to retreat our steps.  Glad that I have seen a lot of things that help shape me.

Sometimes..we practically meet “stupid” people in our lives. yes. I mean literally “stupid”. You may be thinking who I am to categorize people as “stupid”. Ya, I’m not a smart ass. I’m an ordinary stupid human being as well. But,thank god, I’m considerably “smarter” a bit.

Or perhaps I can categorize them as naive? Or perhaps not that naive and simple after all as they know the meaning of avenge. Stupid as in people cheated on them…they also don’t know. OMFG. Naive as in…their world is basically encased in a small container. And sometimes, we are ‘squeezed and squeezed, ‘wrenched and wrenched’ til the very last drop of our sweat, yet, the evil beats the good. Are we heard? No. comes the judgement day.

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