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Michael Jackson has skin cancer?

May 17, 2009 Author: SY | Filed under: Celebrities, Michael Jackson

According to British newspaper –, Michael Jackson is currently battling with skin cancer.

A source said: “Michael’s tests showed spots of skin cancer on his body, and cells which could turn to skin cancer on his face.

How true it is? We will see. Hope he will recover if the news happens to be true.

Dinner at Hammerbay Ikan Bakar Queensbay

May 11, 2009 Author: SY | Filed under: My Stories

I have been reading all these good comments about this Hammerbay Ikan Bakar, through word-of-mouth as well. So, Ivy and I decided to try it on one Sunday evening. We want to become the next penangtuapui. hahah. Commenting on food.

Here comes the dishes..

The kangkung with belacan. How did it taste like? Well, not bad.. Pretty much to my liking.

Next, is the tomyam ayam. This is good..spicy and sour enough

Then here comes the signature dish!!! I’m waiting for it..drooling.. my disappointment, it’s not as nice as how it was being told. It’s moderately nice but I have eaten nicer than this before. So much nicer. Erm..gone the excitement. Haha..But, all in all, it’s still a nice place to eat. It was an evening with magnificent horizon.

And before I forget, I’m a rice, here is my white rice. haha. 😛

To those who wish to go there and try the ikan bakar, here I show you the stall’s signboard.

p/s: Remember to ask the price when you are choosing the fish. Word of advice..transferred from website to website and from word-of-mouth to word-of-mouth. hehe.

Rihanna’s Naked Pictures All Over The Web?

May 11, 2009 Author: SY | Filed under: Celebrities, Rihanna

Songstress Rihanna’s (or real first name – Robyn) naked photos were reported to be leaked onto the Net few days ago. I’m not sure how legitimate the photos are, but, wow, I’m shocked! It consists of a series of explicit photos and it’s believed that the photos were taken by Rihanna herself – as she poses in a mirror. The singer’s ex-boyfriend Chris Brown has already denied that he is the one behind the leak. I have seen the pictures but decided not to post them as it is violating her privacy.

So, who do you think did this??

Image source:

Princess Eugenie robbed in Cambodia

May 4, 2009 Author: SY | Filed under: Princess Eugenie

Princess Eugenie of York is the younger daughter of Prince Andrew of England. In other words, she is the cousin of Prince William. While holidaying in Cambodia as part of her gap year, she got mugged when they were walking at night in Phnom Penh. Luckily they were rescued by two royal protection officers who were feet away. I guess it’s time for the princess to end her gap year soon? Haha. It’s pretty risky for a princess to travel around the globe just like that. It was reported that since finishing her A-levels last year, Eugenie has been enjoying a gap-year trip that has included visits to Thailand, South Africa and India. Have you seen her photo before? If not, then here I present you her photo.. (I don’t think she looks like Prince William) 😛


Happy birthday!

May 3, 2009 Author: SY | Filed under: My Stories is my fellow blogger friend’s birthday. She is also my best buddy! So, happy birthday, Ivy! One year older liao, wish you getting prettier every day..haha..then getting smarter also la.. blek. May all your beautiful dreams come true. :)

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